WonderWorks Attraction in Orlando - All Access

WonderWorks Attraction in Orlando - All Access

Get an all-access pass to Central Florida's only upside down attraction, with something for everyone!

WonderWorks was once a top-secret laboratory located in the Bermuda Triangle, when it was ripped from its foundation by a horrific tornado and carried thousands of miles away to Orlando Florida. This tornado was created by scientists from around the world trying to find answers to the unexplainable. During their experiment, something went awry and the power of the tornado was unleashed throughout the laboratory. Remarkably, all of the experiments remained intact and functional.

WonderWorks is now an an amusement park for the mind, featuring over 100 interactive exhibits for the entire family to experience. Rates include admission to all WonderWorks exhibits, the 4D XD Motion Theater, the Glow-In-The-Dark Indoor Ropes Course, and one game of Laser Tag. Purchase the VIP Combo to include tickets to the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show, a savings of over $11.00!

To purchase tickets for The Outta Control Comedy Magic Show not including Admission to Wonderworks, please order:
Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show in Orlando

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Tour/Activity Details


Wonderworks Attraction is self-guided (for Combo Ticket, Magic Comedy Dinner Show is 90 min.)


WonderWorks is open daily from 9:00 am until Midnight

Please Note: Time shown on availability calendar is opening time each day, but you may arrive at any time WonderWorks is open. Please see "Special Schedule Notes."

If you are purchasing VIP Combo Tickets, you will be asked on the Order Form to choose your preferred dinner show time - 6:00 pm or 8:00 pm.


72 Hours Minimum Advance Booking Required. Hotel pickup not included. Parking fees are $4.00 for the first hour and $2.00 for each additional hour, with a maximum fee of $10.00. All rates subject to change.



VIP Combo Tickets

Purchase this option to include tickets to the Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show in addition to your all-access WonderWorks pass. The production features nationally recognized entertainers and provides a one-of-a-kind experience with magic tricks, jokes, and non-stop audience participation. The show lasts about ninety minutes and every minute is enjoyable.Dinner includes unlimited hand tossed pizza, salad, dessert, beer, wine and soda. Buy this ultimate experience and save!

WonderWorks All-Access Attractions

4-D Extreme Motion Theater
The 4-D Extreme Motion experience combines 3D film with special effects and full motion seating, ranging from subtle sensations to intense vibrations. This simulated thrill ride will virtually transport you from your seat onto the big-screen action and into adventure. Minimum height is 40 inches.

Indoor Ropes Course
This 3 story, glow-in-the-dark adventure will test your abilities, both mental and physical. Advanced athletes will discover new challenges while new climbers will achieve a great sense of accomplishment as they navigate and complete the course. Kids will build confidence one step at a time. Minimum height is 48 inches (42 inches when accompanied by an adult). Maximum weight is 300 pounds. Closed-toe shoes required.

Laser Tag
Strap on your vests and venture into the black-lit maze as you compete against opponents in a fast-paced and action-packed battle. The object is to outplay, outlast and outshoot the other players. You can try to stay hidden but you’re bound to be spotted eventually, so keep your eyes open and your mind sharp. Laser Tag combines innovative technology to provide players with a one-of-a-kind interactive experience.

WonderWorks Exhibits

Land the Space Shuttle! - Take a seat in the Shuttle Landers. Use your hand and eye coordination to maneuver the controls and land the Discovery Space Shuttle on the airstrip. Feel first hand the challenge and skill needed to make the landing.

Astronaut Space Suit - Explore the life size replicas of an Astronaut Space Suit and Mercury Capsule. For a memorable souvenir, you can take your picture inside these phenomenal pieces of history.

Virtual Sports - Step in front of the blue screen and choose from football, basketball or soccer. Utilizing the magic of blue screen technology, you become fully immersed in a 3-dimensional world completely generated by a computer.

Earthquake Simulator - One of history's most renowned earthquakes, the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that stopped baseball's World Series and collapsed a freeway is recreated in the laboratory. Get ready to feel what a 5.3 earthquake actually feels like.

Hurricane Shack - Feel the effects of winds reaching 74 miles per hour. According to the Saffar-Simpson Scale, the hurricane in this simulation is merely a mild one!

Bubble Lab - Kids of all ages (1-101) love bubbles! This exhibit is just for the fun of it! Put yourself inside a gigantic bubble that you created!

Telsa Coil - Become a human lightning rod! See, hear and touch the power of 100,00 volts of electricity as you learn about the invitation of physicist and engineer Nikola Telsa.

Padzillas - GIANT-size tablets where you can see who can take the silliest pictures and play interactive games like Angry Birds.

Bubble Lab - Kids of all ages (1-101) love bubbles! This exhibit is just for the fun of it! Put yourself inside a gigantic bubble that you created!

Bed of Nails - Feel the sensation of 3,500 SHARP nails rise up from under you while lying on this bed of nails.

WonderWall - Create a 3-dimensional impression of your entire body by pressing into this wall made of 40,000 pins.

Wonder Coaster - Design the Roller Coaster you have always wanted to ride! Feel the adrenaline rush of this 360º pitch and roll motion virtual ride.

72 Hours Minimum Advance Booking Required. Hotel pickup not included. Parking fees are $4.00 for the first hour and $2.00 for each additional hour, with a maximum fee of $10.00. All rates subject to change.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds. All sales are final.

Change policy

If changes are allowed on a tour or activity, a $20.00 per reservation change fee will be applied for any change to a reservation. Please note that some tours and activities do not allow any changes. Date changes can only be made only if we can confirm availability on the new date. While we cannot guarantee any changes can be made, all change requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tour departure and must be handled on an individual basis through our Reservations Center.

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