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Silver Springs - Nature's Theme Park in Ocala

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Silver Springs is a 350 acre nature theme park that surrounds the headwaters of the beautiful Silver River, the largest artesian spring formation in the world. View the underground springs from our famous glass-bottom boats, where you'll see fish, shellfish, turtles and alligators in water that's up to 80 feet deep and 99.8% pure.

Walk the beautiful grounds and experience the natural habitats of Florida's largest alligators, endangered bears and panthers, Kritter Korral petting zoo, plus an entertaining variety of wildlife shows from Birds of Prey to snakes and reptiles. Enjoy exciting rides and exhibits for all ages in a natural setting of stunning beauty!

Silver Springs in Ocala is centrally localed in Florida and just a short and relaxing drive from Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Daytona and many other cities.

Silver Springs - Nature's Theme Park in Ocala Details

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Silver Springs - Nature's Theme Park in Ocala Description

No matter what your age, there are plenty of rides and attractions at Silver Springs that will make you laugh, fill you with wonder, and provide a glimpse into what life was like here more than 10,000 years ago. Just as they did then, the springs pump out 550 million gallons of sparkling-clear water a day - enough to supply the entire city of New York. Also, surrounding the springs is a marvelous diversity of animals and nature you simply won't find anywhere else. Come and explore the stunning beauty of Florida in its natural state.

Schedule Notes

  • January-Early February: Open Wednesday through Sunday only
  • Early February-Late August: Open Daily
  • Late August-Mid December: Open Wednesday through Sunday only
  • Mid December-December 31: Open Daily Closed December 24 & 25

Theme Park Information:

River Cruises

Glass Bottom Boats offer passengers an unparalleled view of underwater life in the 99.8% pure waters of the Silver River. Our boats will take you on an enchanting tour of the seven major spring formations at the headwaters. One spring, Fish Reception Hall, is home to dozens of species of fish as well as alligators, clams, crawfish, shrimp, snails and six different kinds of turtles, all amidst the backdrop of tiny fossilized shells from 70 million years ago. Peer through the glass and crystal clear water for views that only a scuba diver could have. You'll be comfortably seated, and covered from the sun and weather.

Fort King River Cruise carries you through Silver Springs' 10,000 year history. Interactive exhibits and displays include a working archaeological dig site, Seminole Indian village, the 1830s Fort King Army stockade, a late 1880s riverboat dock and train depot, and an authentic Florida pioneer "Cracker" homestead.

Lost River Voyage transports guests back in time to wild Florida as it was thousands of years ago - untouched and untamed. Riverbanks are lined with towering bald cypress trees, some more than 500 years old. See alligators, turtles, heron, osprey, and other wildlife basking and feeding in their natural habitat.

The ride includes a stop at a wildlife outpost, where naturalists talk about Silver Springs' wildlife rehabilitation and breeding programs.

Wildlife Exhibits

Big Gator Lagoon is a one-acre cypress swamp habitat featuring more than three dozen of Florida's largest alligators, most 11 to 13 feet in length! Guests observe these large reptiles from the safety of an elevated boardwalk.

Be on the lookout for Sobek, believed to be the world's largest American crocodile in the care of man. He's 16 feet long and weighs 2,000 pounds. His name, Sobek, refers to an ancient Egyptian god that had the head of a crocodile and the body of a man.

Ross Allen Island features a collection of native snakes, turtles, arachnids (spiders), otters and other animals found in Florida. The exhibit also showcases archive photographs and information on the world famous naturalist Ross Allen. For nearly fifty years, Ross Allen owned and operated the Ross Allen Reptile Institute at Silver Springs which contained an extensive collection of snakes, crocodilians, and animals from around the world.

Panther Prowl is an extraordinary opportunity to photograph the Western cougar, a close cousin of the rare and endangered Florida panther - North America's largest and most majestic wild cat.

Kritter Korral features a variety of farm animals like sheep, rabbits, donkeys, turkeys, and goats that park guests can pet and hand feed. They're popular with the younger set and love the attention they get!

World of Bears is the largest bear exhibit of its kind in the world. Two acres of outdoor habitats showcase a variety of rare and endangered bear species including North American black bears, and Kodiaks (the only brown bears on exhibit in Florida).

Rides & Activities

The Lighthouse Ride stands near the headwaters of the Silver River and features the combination of a carousel and gondola ride with a unique telescoping outer tower that quietly rises 80 feet above Silver Springs. Up to six passengers ride in each gondola for an unobstructed, panoramic view of the crystal clear river, landscaped grounds, and native Florida wildlife.

Kids Ahoy! Playland features a replica of an 1800s riverboat permanently anchored in a shallow lagoon. Other activities include a 40-passenger carousel decorated with endangered wildlife, miniature motorboats, Ferris wheel, cargo climb with net bridge, slides, crawl tubes, fireman's poles, and more.

"Fantastic Fountains Water Show" features 1,000 water nozzles that spray more than 1,000 gallons per minute. The fast-paced program creates a dazzling display by making water dance, jump, twist, and swirl on cue to a musical score of popular tunes.

"The Birds of the Rain Forest Show" includes comical parrots, macaws and cockatoos performing zany antics and tricks. Thousands of hours of patience and training have transformed these vivid jungle creatures into nature's entertainers.

"The Birds of Prey Show" is presented at the outdoor Silver River Showcase Theater. The program, featuring hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures, displays each bird's strength, survival skills and beauty in a dramatic free flight demonstration.

"Reptiles of the World Show" features reptile handlers that give an exciting and educational presentation on alligators, crocodiles, turtles and dispel some of the myths about these fascinating cold-blooded animals.

"Non-Venomous Snake Show" offer guests the opportunity to view, touch and learn about the many different species of snakes in the world, and the important role they play in controlling rodents and other pests.

"Creature Feature" showcases some of the scariest denizens of the dark. Three television monitors bring the smallest of these creatures to an up-close and personal view. Animal handlers point out interesting facts about bats, scorpions, arachnids, a five-pound marine toad, and giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

Alligator and crocodile feedings are presented daily at 2:30 p.m. (during warm summer months). Reptile keepers conduct the feedings that provide guests with the chance to witness the feeding habits of various species while learning more about these ancient creatures.

Wilderness Trail - Climb on board trams towed by Wrangler Jeeps for a ride into a forest for close up encounters with native Florida wildlife.

Botanical Gardens

Silver Springs' beautiful botanical gardens feature more than 138 varieties of native and exotic plants showcased in floral sculptures and flower beds along the banks of the Silver River. A popular location for weddings, the gardens have a winding pathway that allows park guests to view all aspects of the landscape. It's a pleasure to take a leisurely stroll amid the ever-changing colors, and a photographer's paradise.

If you have a groups of 15 or more, please try to reserve at least 10 days in advance.

Admission does not include hotel pick-up. Rates are per person. Child rates apply to ages 3 to 10. Children aged 2 and under are free. Please reserve online, or call us toll-free at 800-303-5107.

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